My iOS Notification Wish List

🔖 ios apple wishlist

I was recently listening to Mac Power Users #685: Fighting Digital Distractions and it got me thinking about the things I would like to see Apple change to address the issue of “Digital Distractions.” For the purposes of this post, I will focus on the Notifications, as improvements there go a long way toward reducing distractions overall.

Proposals 🔗

I’ve divided my proposals into categories based on the need for improvement. Some are needed more than others and some are more selfish as they would help me with my preferred workloads. This list is not comprehensive and does not preclude other, better ideas.

Bare minimum 🔗

Items in this list are long overdue and would provide for several “quality of life” improvements.

Show notifications ONLY on the active device 🔗

Sync notification status 🔗

Provide an “Archived Notifications” section 🔗

Unified notification settings management 🔗

Nice to have 🔗

Aside from the items listed above, these are things that would help me based on my use cases but may be of limited utility for others.

The ability to “snooze” a notification 🔗

Temporary overrides 🔗

Will probably not happen but I really wish it would 🔗

These items would be very helpful but differing incentives 2 and organizational inertia appear to doom these from coming to pass.

Categorizations for notifications 🔗

Trial-Period for app notifications 🔗

Expiring Notifications 🔗

Notifications as Shortcuts triggers 🔗

As stated earlier, this is far from comprehensive but even a few of these changes could go a long way toward making our most personal devices work better for us, the owner of the device.

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